Police See Jump In Heroin Use In Sioux Falls


Meth and marijuana aren’t the only illegal drugs on the radar of South Dakota law enforcement.

Heroin use has jumped in just the past two years. A Sioux Falls man can attest to the addictive nature of the drug. This Florida transplant has been in recovery at the Glory House after seeing heroin’s deadly toll first-hand.

“All of my close friends in Florida are dead from overdosing,” former heroin addict Justin Daddow said. “I have maybe two or three friends who are still alive and they’re just kind of, one of them’s blessed like I am, but it’s a lethal drug.”

Daddow says he’s been clean for five months now. Find out how this construction worker has been able to rebuild his life, when so many other heroin users have lost their lives, in tonight’s Eye On KELOLAND at 10.

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